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987 Cayman/Boxster GT Wing w/ Deck Lid and Brake Light

For sale is a GT wing (TechArt rep) for 987.1 Cayman/Boxster. I got this wing a few years ago for my Cayman and never got around to re-paint/install. Overall, the current paint is in great shape, in two-tone silver (I believe its seal gray metallic/arctic silver metallic). I only needed to paint due to my car being black.

At this point I would like to sell or trade for something that I can actually use for my Cayman. Interior parts, Valentine radar, or a smaller wing could be possibilities, with possible cash combination.

For reference, installation consist of 2 screws mount directly into the hood and double sided tape should be used along the edges for extra support. Wires (intact) plug directly into the stock rear wing.

The Boxster pictured is not my car - belongs to the original seller I purchased the wing from. I am including it here for color reference.

I am located in OC/IE, Southern California. Pick up would be preferred since the item is quite large.

List Date: 7/3/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 987 Cayman/Boxster GT Wing w/ Deck Lid and Brake Light


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