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Here is my write up for removing the cluster and replacing your gauge faces:

I completely disconnected that battery for this project.

First, remove the trim piece below that gauge cluster. This piece has the leather cover connected to it. To remove pull back towards you with some force. I grabbed mine with a microfiber Towel:
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Next, you will see two Torx screws (T20). I highly recommend using a magnetic bit and a magnetic retriever for removing and installing these pieces. This is usually a place where my hands would shake and I'd drop a screw into the abyss:
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Next, gently pull the cluster towards your. On the left hand side there will be a wire with a connector. The connector has a clip/mechanism that you will simply release by pushing it towards the front of the vehicle:

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Now, head to your workbench with the Cluster and your Torx set.

On the back there will be 6 Torx screws. Remove them and set them them in a jar or magnetic bowl for safe keeping.

I recommend you photograph the needle position for a reference when putting each needle back on.

There will be easily removable/liftable clips on the bottom of the cluster. Loosen them and then begin carefully prying at the top of the cluster to separate the cluster.

With the cluster apart, pull straight up on each needle to remove.

Now you will remove the existing gauge face. The gauge face is held in primarily by 4 plastic rivets that sit where each needle you just removed was.
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A plunger or extractor would be best here, I pulled mine out with needle nose pliers. I broke a bit off each one, however it didn't take away from their integrity and it will be hidden by the needles. These also won't interfere with the needles.

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With the old Gauge Face removed, lay your new face on the cluster. I did wash my hands here before handing to prevent any oils from getting on the face. Push North on the face to "snap" in the uppermost clips and guide the outer notches of the face into the left and right slots.

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Now you can reset the 4 plastic rivets into the needle holes. Line up the needles and insert them.

I took this opportunity to polish and clean the outer plastic of the cluster. It had some nasty swirls on it:

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Now you simply reassemble the cluster, put in the 6 Torx screws, and take the cluster back to the vehicle.

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Insert the electrical connection and refasten the clip.

Insert the 2 Torx 20 screws to secure the cluster, again taking care not to drop one into the dash.

Reconnect your battery and enjoy!

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