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Thanks for the further answers. I've not made any more progress with this but am posting to acknowledge your help.

I've sent photos (the same as attached to this thread) and that video to a friend with a better workshop and more skills than me and talked it over with him. His suspicion is that the shroud (better name for the plate that is attached to the outer CV) has been passivated cheaply and is rusting, making it slightly porous and allowing the grease to leak out. It's clear that the shafts are going to have to be removed but he is thinking along the lines of cleaning the inside of the shroud and applying a thin coating of something to re-seal them on the inside - he's suggested an epoxy as it will be strong and not degrade in the grease. Given that the CV's aren't exhibiting any signs of wear (no ticking or clicking on cornering) then I propose to do this as soon as I can before they wear out. (Having said that, it occurs to me that the amount of grease that has come out is small compared to the amount of grease that would have been in the joints when new so I suspect there is a fair amount in there yet).

I am therefore arranging a date with the aforementioned friend to go over there, stick it over his pit, take it apart and have a squiz at what's what. I've bought four new boots and circular clips and have a big tub of moly grease. I'll keep you posted.

Cayman'68 - thanks for confirming the colour of the grease! It looks for all the world like cow poo ....

KKiana - nice to know your solution worked. How did you know the leak on yours was around the edge of the boots?
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