987 Removable Hardtop for Boxster — BRAND NEW!

Selling a brand-new 987 Boxster removable hard top!

What?!?!?? Yes, you read that correctly. It is literally brand-new. (Okay, I’ll qualify this as “open-box,” as has already been removed from the original shipping crate.) If you own a 987 Boxster, unlike the 986’s, you’ve probably realized that finding even a used one is ridiculously hard to come by (aka, unobtainium) here in the US. In fact, when I purchased it from Suncoast Parts about six months ago, they said it was apparently the last brand-new one in the world; my guess it was unsold “new old stock” that had been somehow overlooked.

The hardtop’s paint is Creme White (51A), and was just wrapped in a very close match to Porsche’s Guards Red (84A) using Orafol car vinyl (Oracal® 970RA Premium Wrapping Cast, Glossy Red #31) for a non-permanent color change, protection, and preservation since purchase.

This will fit either a 987.1 or a 987.2. NOT a 986.

Pickup in Boston, MA or RI, with reasonably local delivery possible.
I will also currently ship via freight CONUS at your cost.
Best offer over $3K (FIRM minimum) takes it; I will not respond to lower offers.

Please PM me directly with your questions; happy to answer them. Thanks.



Here’s the full backstory; check out the photos below. Originally manufactured in Finland during the 987.2 series, this hardtop was purchased from Suncoast Parts in FL this past summer; it was shipped via freight in its original wooden Porsche shipping crate to a nearby freight terminal here up here in New England. It was then immediately unloaded onto the car (the crate was given to the terminal’s helpful staff), driven some 50 miles to Boston with the original protective packing vinyl still affixed, immediately removed from the car, covered with a hardtop cover, and safely stored on a dedicated hardtop stand. In preparation for winter, the protective factory vinyl film was recently removed, and the hardtop was wrapped last month — which means that it has been immaculately preserved since purchase. Even the removable plastic panels that came with the hard top are still wrapped in their original packaging from Porsche, and haven’t even been removed from their original packaging.

Again, color-wise — the new red vinyl wrap appears very close to the original Guards Red; my own original OEM paint on my 987.2 varies in color slightly due to sunburn/fade and was easily a close enough match to the painted areas that haven’t seen sunlight. In fact, out of the “Big 3” of the highest-end vinyl wrap manufacturers (3M, Avery-Dennison, Orafol), this was by far the closest shade of red available. The wrap came out just great; I’d give it a 9/10 due to a few tiny flaws. So regardless of what color 987 you own, you would enjoy a few color options:

(1) enjoy the “close-enough” red to match your own Guards Red,​
(2) easily remove the vinyl wrap at home yourself, and enjoy the brand-new Creme White (available for the 987.2),​
(3) go 2-tone with either color (just as I did with my previous 987.1 a few years back) as any hardtop owners do,​
(4) have this either repainted or re-wrapped in whatever color you choose.​

If you’re thinking of changing colors, I'd suggest keeping it wrapped and thereby protected until you’re ready to do so. Meanwhile, you might want to do the color change sooner than later, as the vinyl is more easily removed the newer it is.

Again, this will correctly fit both 987.1 and 987.2 Boxsters, but not a 986 as the window shapes are different. (Ask me how I know... LOL!) To install this, you will need to install a set of spinlocks, which you can also purchase from Suncoast just as I did; 987 spinlock installation threads are readily available online. Installation can be a bit fiddly and can take a few hours, but it’s very doable and I’ve successfully done the installation twice already (former 987.1, current 987.2). Once installed, the same spinlocks can also be used with speed humps.

Pickup can be arranged in either Boston (Cambridge), MA 02141 or Warren, RI 02885. If you’re reasonably local, I might be willing to personally drive and deliver it to you at an additional cost to cover both my fuel and time.

I am also currently willing to ship it via freight CONUS at your cost. I would carefully load it into a carefully custom-built 987 hardtop shipping frame as pictured below, would plastic-wrap the frame’s sides and top, and would hand it off to the freight carrier of your choice. Please understand that I would certainly do my very best to pack it per my best efforts, but cannot take any responsibility per minor damage during packing/shipping (scuffs, etc.).

Given that used ones in just fair condition easily sell for $3K here in the US (if you’re lucky enough to find a used one - it took me five years to find my first used hardtop for my former 987.1), I’m open to best offers above $3K — which is very fairly priced as this is indeed a ridiculously rare find (brand-new, protected since purchase, and one that literally provides two color options).

Cash preferred, but either Venmo or a certified check would also work. Selling as final sale, as-is, no returns, and sold fully in good faith per accurate descriptions and photos.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rare 987 hardtop, it’s worth reading up on. Given that many fewer 987 hardtops were sold than the 986 series, it’s no surprise how increasingly rare these have become; people who have them love them and hardly if ever resell them. Additionally, they’re not just for winter driving; I can personally attest that they dramatically reduce the noise level and are great for long-distance touring; many people also buy these for track days and autocross -- without substantially increasing the car's weight. I personally believe that a hardtop is a no-brainer addition to any Boxster (let alone any convertible; I still love my BMW E30 hardtop) — assuming you’re lucky enough to find one. For me, it feels like owning two different cars. In fact — I recently read that one of the original Cayman designs looked like the Boxster with a hardtop on it — but the final Cayman design wound up having the sloping rear hatch as we all love and know. It’s a shame that Porsche didn’t even make these for the 981 and 718 — yet another reason to love a 987.

Again, please PM me directly with any questions — happy to help if I can. Thanks and enjoy the drive.

Hood Automotive lighting Vehicle Fender Automotive design

Original Creme White

Vehicle Grille Car Hood Automotive lighting

Wrapped in red (VERY close to Guards Red)

Hood Automotive lighting Car Automotive mirror Automotive design

Original Creme White

Vehicle Trunk Automotive design Motor vehicle Car


Tire Wheel Car Automotive parking light Vehicle

Car Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Hood

On the 987.2 Boxster (Guards Red)

Packing materials Wood Shipping box Rectangle Package delivery

Wheel Tire Automotive parking light Car Vehicle

Pickup day at the freight terminal (July, 2022)

Wood Font Wall Hardwood Plywood

Original shipping crate from Porsche at the freight terminal (July, 2022)

Wood Hardwood Lumber Plank Beam

I will currently ship freight to CONUS at your cost, as shipped in this custom built freight stand.