Mileage:169000 M
PRICE DROP-firm price 3/6/22
I sat in this car for the first time in 2012 as a ride along with a PCA instructor and purchased the car from him in 2021 as a DE car. I'm a novice solo driver and car is set up for the track, street legal (passes emissions in Georgia) and interior is in tact. Drive it to and from the track and fun mountain back roads with occasional street driving. It has been meticulously maintained and runs strong despite the high mileage.

The list of modifications are extensive with an open checkbook:
  • Original Folding GT2 Carbon Buckets
  • Porsche Sport Mode button and programming
  • Heigo X-Cross member (half cage), DMC Schroth Harness (expired)
  • Stop Tech Trophy 6 Piston front, 4 Piston rear
  • Porsche Motorsport AOS
  • JRZ RS ONE suspension 700lb front, 600lb rear
  • GT3 Control Arms, Tarett drop links
  • GT3 Sway bar front, Tarett Sway Rear
  • Solid or Semi solid mounts (can't remember)
  • Pedro's garage rear stabilizer bar
  • SOUL Competition Catless Headers with spacers (NO CHECK Engine light, passes GA emmissions)
  • 996 Cup Car Throttle body and Plenum
  • SpeedArt Exhaust (sounds amazing)
  • X51 Oil pan, L&N magnetic drain plug
  • 3rd Radiator
  • Lightweight Flywheel
  • GT3 Master Brake Cylinder-SRF fluid
  • GT3 brake cooling ducts
  • Numeric shifter and cable
  • SRP Pedal and Rennin metal mats
  • Brey Krause Fire extinguisher and mount
  • SRP Pedal
  • Traqmate GPS system (I only use oil temp/pressure gauges and shift lights) I use Garmin Catalyst (not included in sale)
  • AutoBlip (perfect rev matching). Still practicing my heel/toe
If you are still reading then you know the modifications are more than cost of the car. If mileage bothers you no problem, but it runs stronger than my garage queen 996 with 42k miles. I know what I have.

Oil changes about every 2k miles and brakes flushed after track events. Transmission fluid flushed. No service of any kind needed. The only issue is a slight leak at the rear main. The clutch is good so I was planning on addressing them together when clutch needs replacement. Only see a drop of oil when it sits for a long period of time.

I am a 20 year PCA member and have had 12 P-cars. I can say without doubt that this is the most fun car I have owned, even a better driving experience than my previous 996 Turbo X50.

Price: $35000 with Buckets and Extra Set of Wheels or $28k with factory heated sofa's and no extra wheels, no AutoBlip.

Price dropped and firm.

Thanks for reading