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I thought it might be beneficial to 987 owners and enthusiasts to start a 987 specific track tuning configuration WIKI where members can all edit the same topic post and include their own setting and experiences trying to get the best performance out of their 987 on track, in an autocross, etc. I will create some initial headings but if you feel like there should be more headings then feel free to add them and we can all work to build them out as appropriate.

Front Suspension Settings
- 2° camber for Sven76
- 2.6 camber - 0 Toe, Tarett Front GT bar full soft, JRZ RS1 6 clicks from full stiff for RDCR
Brian C in Az: - .5˚ camber - 1/32" Toe Out H&R Sway Bar - not adjustable
RCBFL - Tarett sway bar middle front -1° 75' front camber. Tarett drop links and GT3 LCA's
- SteveK-O: 5-way 19.1mm Tarett sway bar one hole less full stiff, -1.5° camber, Tarett drop links and GT3 LCA's, 0.1° Total Toe

- Example what degree of camber are you running
- Example what setting is your front sway bar at
- Next item, etc.

Rear Suspension Settings
- 1.5° camber for Sven76, 2° was too much in combination with 2° front, seems you need 0.5° difference between f/r
-2.0 Rear camber - 1/16 toe in, Tarett Rear Bar 1 from full stiff. JRZ RS1 full stiff - RDCR
Brian C in Az:-.5˚ Camber - 1/32 Toe In H&R Sway Bar full soft
RCBFL - Tarett sway bar full stiff Camber -1° 50' rear. Tarett Toe Control Arm
- SteveK-O: 4-way 26.9mm Tarret say bar one hole less full stiff, -2.2° camber, Tarett drop links, 0.2° Total Toe, Rennline subframe stabilizer

- Example rear sway bar setting
- Example rear toe setting
- Next item, etc.

Wheel Choices
- Sven76: OZ Formula 19", sensible choice, good quality and looks, fair price
- RDCR: OZ Alleggerita 18"
- RCBFL- OEM 18"
- SteveK-O: OZ Alleggerita HLT Racing Wheels, 18x8.5 front, 18x10 rear

- Example ABC Wheel 19" approx. wheel weight 20lb Front / 25lb Rear

Tire Choices
- Sven76: Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2, start with OEM recommended pressure, reduce pressure by c. 0.3 bar when hot
- RDCR: Nitto NT01 245/40F, 275/40 R, 36PSI F / 37PSI R
Brian C in Az: Bridgestone RE-71R Hot pressures 34 F / 38 R. Tire pressures rise approximate 8 psi from cold to end of 1st session. Start 1st session at 26 cold F and 30 cold R, then adjust at the end of the session
- RCBFL - MPSS target hot pressures 32 front 34 rear. About 8 psi drop needed
- SteveK-O: Hoosier R7 Tires, 245/35ZR18 front, 285/30ZR18 rear, target hot pressures 37 psi F&R

- Example Goodyear 20" Volcano R compound inflated to 35psi front 38psi rear
- Example Pirelli 19" SuperDuper Sticky Slicks inflated to 32pst front 30psi rear shaved 2mm heat cycled

Brake Tuning
- Sven76: Brembo pads, race brake fluid, but that's not enough, pedal gets soft on some tracks
- RDCR: PFC08, Girodisc F/R, Motul 660 but going Endless or SRF for next season.
- Brian C in Az: Hawk HP+ and Castrol SRF. Zero brake fade. Very good progressive feel. Easy to modulate. 1/2 the price of Pagid's pads.
- RCBFL - Pagid 08 front and rear, Girodisc and Endless fluid
- SteveK-O: Pagid Black pads front with GT3 brake ducts, Pagid Yellow rear, Castrol SRF brake fluid

- Example Putrid Yellow Pads front, Racing Red pads rear
- Example Titanium Shims
- Example Super Sweet Red brake fluid

ECU Tuning
RDCR: Stock tune
RCBFL - Softronic
- SteveK-O: EVOMS tune, 3.4L 987 throttle body, underpully, L&N deep sump, desnorkled with high flow intake

- Example XYZ Super Tune Stage 1 on 94 octane gas

Exhaust Tuning
RDCR: PSE passes sound at Laguna
Brian C in Az: Schnell Exhaust (off Ebay) passes 94 db sound check at Arizona MotorSports Park. This exhaust increased torque, lap times went down 1 sec (2:01 vs 2:02 with em exhaust)
RCBFL = Carnewal modified headers with 200 cell cats and Dream2 tips
- SteveK-O: Fabspeed cat-free long tube race headers, Supercup race exhaust

- Example Fabulous Speed Headers and catback with valves set to open at 3000 rpm

RDCR: PDK stock cooling.
Brian C in Az: 6 speed manual
RCBFL - PDK stock cooling
- SteveK-O: Manual, Numeric performance shift cables

- Gearing
- Fluid
- Cooling

- SteveK-O: GT3 cup front splitter, Zunsport grills, Cayman 987 rear spoiler

- Front
- Rear

Misc / Other
- Sven76: Heigo roll bar and Schroth ASM 4-point harness
- RDCR: GMG roll bar with Schroth 5 pt - CR LWBs
- RCBFL - Sparco seats, Schroth harness BK Harness Bar
- SteveK-O: Corbeau FX-1Pro Seats with Simpson 5 point harness, Factory hardtop, Odyssey 680T lightweight battery

- Example Shrek Harness 6pt
- Other Misc

RDCR: C / Black level driver: suspension mods and R comp tires decreased average lap times at LS 5 seconds / Sonoma 6 seconds versus stock CR with PS2s.
RCBFL - Black level driver running 2:33 - 2:37 at Sebring.
- SteveK-O: 1:56 - 1:58 at BIR Long track

- Example: Changed front bar to setting 3 and was consistently 3 seconds per lap faster at VIR turning a 1:57 instead of 2:00
- Example: Switched to Putrid Yellow Pads and 60-0 stopping distance dropped by 3.4 feet average of 5 runs.
- Example: Switched to P-Sub-Zero R compound tires and according to car G Meter turn 3 at Laguna Seca went from 1.14 to 1.21 G's max over 10 laps of testing

General Comments
RDCR: Next MOD is a Guard LSD.
RCBFL - Car is at stock (non-PASM) height. Need to lower to increase negative camber. Might add coil overs

General comments about your setup, changes you made, results measured, etc. Anything else you want to fill in to better explain what you tried at the track or autox to improve your lap times, etc.

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This will be a great resource!

Agreed, but one of your entries says that your mods INCREASED lap times by 5 seconds, I think you meant to say DECREASED didn't you? Good thing is you can edit to topic and change it! :)

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Agreed, but one of your entries says that your mods INCREASED lap times by 5 seconds, I think you meant to say DECREASED didn't you? Good thing is you can edit to topic and change it! :)
Oops yes decreased! :crazy:;) Doesn't seem to want to let me edit it.
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