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So.... I had my car serviced just 1 week ago at a Porsche dealer.Typical service for oil and filter change plus a spark coil change.
Haven't driven it.
Went for a drive today and damn..
My car started normally and after about 1 km and a kickdown later , some faults came up.
Cel light , psm failure , acc/pas not working and car got in the so called "limp mode" where it just doesn't work properly and you cant go beyond 60 or 70 kms/h.
I tried 3-4 times to stop the car and then start it again, and in first 3 times all faults dissapeared but then reappeared after I passed 5-5.5 rpms and got over 100kms/h.
In my last try, cel is there and it just doesn't go away now...

Anybody has an idea what this could be ?
It's so strange because the car had ZERO issues before.
It's a 991.2 Carrera S with sport chrono and 36k kms in the clock..

So anybody had this issue ? I also attached some pics though it's in German.
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