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997/987 911/Cayman/Boxster Full Black Leather Radio Surrounds

Here's a set of 987, 997 radio surrounds in black leather with stitching. If you have the vinyl surrounds (like most Caymans or Boxters did) then these are a way to massively improve the look of your interior (see the installed pic)

These sell new from Porsche for over $700 per side.
These also don't come up for sale very often, especially for a black interior, it took me over a year to get these because finding them in this condition is rare.
They are in 9.5/10 condition with very little wear. All of the tabs are intact (something to watch for when you're buying these, I had several sellers try to sell me ones with broken tabs.

In the pictures they have been freshly cleaned and the leather conditioned, which is why there is some streaking visible.

I'm looking for $500 OBO shipped in the 48 contiguous states for the set.

List Date: 5/28/2017

For more info, click here to view the original listing: 997/987 911/Cayman/Boxster Full Black Leather Radio Surrounds


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