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997 Suspension upgrade for NO COMPROMISE STREET AND TRACK!

Combining our latest active suspension technology with proven mechanical geometry components!

TPC Racing provides the proven race winning suspension geometry setup while DSC Sport provides the active suspension control and Tractive DDA, the most advanced electronic motorsport level dampers to date!

Disclaimer: Image is for reference only & may not be representative of the vehicle specified product

The DSC Sport/TPC Racing/Tractive suspension package offers to vehicles applicable the perfect solution for all driving styles and road conditions. The package includes the main suspension components of the TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Sway Bars, the TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Toe Links, Solid Sub-frame and Control Arm Bushings (GT3/cup-style), and the Tractive DDA Damper Package accompanied with the DSC Sport Controller. With these components together installed, look to get exceptional dampening capabilities with adjustable weight transfer and a more stable and smooth ride for street or track use. Images below are from the installation to finished project.

The cup car style bushings were an obvious choice for this 997 with the occasional track use its sees. The OEM bushings aren't bad for street use, but with an aging part and it's exposure to the hot/cold elements from the back of the engine, these bushings can be easily overlooked. When replacing the OEM bushings for the cup car style bushings, the max potential can be achieved with no misalignment under lateral g force. Upgrading tires to a stickier compound and occasional track use for your street car will ultimately result in expedited wear to the OEM bushings.

Here we have our master technician removing the OEM bushings and installing the new cup car style bushings

As you may be aware, we offer the package on our website to give customers the most out of their chassis, stiffening the suspension setup, offering a more versatile and adjustable alignment spec, and providing an industry leading damper package system.

You can find our products below linked to our website that were used on this 997 Carrera.

TPC Racing Pro Race Sway Bars

TPC Racing Pro Race Adjustable Toe Links

Tractive RT Damper Package

DSC Sport Controller

For more information please visit our websites and and for further questions or inquiries of the full package contact us via email at [email protected] or via phone (410)-799-7223.
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