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I searched around and there really wasn't anything posted, so here's my AOS install.

I popped the engine compartment to take some pics and decided to take off the large center plenum. Really quite easy w 4x 10mm bolts on TB and 4x 7mm on the straps. Looking in the intake manifold it had some remnants of oil. So wiped out it, then looked down and saw the 997 AOS.

Wow, already halfway there so might as well do some preventative maintenance. The X51 left manifold is so tall that I was able to get a 1/4" socket w/ ~6" extension and T25 driver to remove the two side bolts on the AOS. I just made sure to have a magnetic pickup under the bolts. I've sealed the motor ports and will grab a new AOS from the dealer tomorrow. Probably 30 min total.

Later I found a pic from Pelican that shows the bolts, below red arrow.
Auto part Engine Fuel line Vehicle Automotive engine part

Caveman easy:
Auto part Vehicle Car Engine Automotive design

Same PN as the 3.8L 997-107-038-00. The 997 3.8L has a pretty interesting design compared to the 987/996/986 or 997 3.6L, there are two secondary AOS (see stuffed w/ blue gloves in pic) on either bank that feed into the primary air oil separator under the manifold. It also has only one port into the intake manifold.

I wonder if a swap to this style would work on 987 and be as good as the motorsports AOS....
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