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Good Morning 997TT/C4S owners, I have here a set of Forged ADV7 3 piece concaved in stock ready to ship. They were installed for a photo shoot that most of you already saw from an earlier post last month. Well here they are for sale as we got a new set in for a new photo shoot.

MSRP $7000,
Gloss Black Lips $800 option
Red Pinstripe $800 Option

MSRP Total $8600

Porsche 997 Turbo ADV.1 used 20" wheels for sale

Porsche 997 Turbo
ADV7 3 piece wheels
20x8.5 front
20x12 rear
Matte black centers
Gloss Black lips w/ red stripe

Used for photo shoots only
Not including tires

$5500 / set - Ready to ship

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