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Gorgeous weather for August in Hallett, Oklahoma, and a few pics of a fun day at the track:

Robert, who I made carsick a few months ago when I gave him a ride-along in my car, paid me back by outrunning me in his new, tricked-out JCW Mini Cooper S. I could still beat him down the straights, but with his Hoosiers, and me on NT05s, I couldn't hang with him through the turns.

My first look at the new Camaro SS - As expected with 400+ HP, a lot of grunt down the straights, but surprisingly fast in the corners too (not sure what kind of tires he had).

Kind of like a German supermodel surrounded by 3 NFL linebackers. :hilarious:

Could that really be The Stig in that Ariel Atom about to blow my doors off ?!?

[Track Photography by Birds Eye Photography (Clyde Coman)]

And, a little video from the last session of the day, chasing a Shelby Mustang . . .

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