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This is a question for the group. First, while checking my 07C after a good run yesterday and while it was idling for the 2 minute cool down the manual recommends before you put her away, I noticed a valve tap when leaning over near the passenger side air scoop. The only reason I did was I had washed the car and there was some dirt still on the scoop "fins" to catch.
The noise was not too loud - standing up, I had to work to hear it. It was the valve ticking noise I'm sure you've all heard at some time. Saturday, yesterday, during the run, and today going to/from work, she ran strong and I noticed no issues. She idles pretty much like usual, at a little over 600 rpm on the tach. The needle bobbles a little above, from time to time. I can not hear any odd noises when seated inside.

Your opinions and experiences - should I have any concern? The car is a CPO purchased in December and actually has original warranty until this August, after which the CPO warranty takes effect. I don't want to call the dealer and be a nuisance (unless there is a reason for concern). :thanks:
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