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Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had this same problem before, or would have suggestions on where this is coming from.

When I rev the car high via 3/4 of throttle in, and then let go of the throttle and squeeze the brakes (not slamming on them) ... I notice that the car feels like as if the brakes are slipping about half a second later after I step on the brake pedal. It's a small jolt, but nothing crazy. The passenger wouldn't really feel a thing. Almost feels as if the brakes are not grabbing for that short bit, but everything's fine after.

It doesn't appear to be speed dependent, but rather torque dependent given it only happens after higher revs + more throttle's applied. I have tried driving the car faster to 100mph and then squeezing the brakes rather hard. It feels like it only happens when I accelerate the car a little faster + use higher revs and then brake.

I've checked the brakes -- visually they looked fine. Doesn't appear that rotors are warped either, as car would shudder instead in any deceleration if that's the case. My mechanic also did a few drives and doesn't believe there is anything wrong with the differential either (it's a TBD that I've had for about 6 months). There is no funny thump or anything even under hard cornering and acceleration.

Hoping to see if anyone has insight to what to look for. Haven't tried accelerating hard and brake after shifting to neutral (will try that this weekend when I have access to more open roads with no traffic). Or anything else I could do to narrow down the diagnosis? Unfortunately it's hard to test this on public roads, as I need to find a fairly empty road + highway ramps to do this. Hard to suddenly slow down in the middle of the highway to 20mph and then floor the car again etc

Thanks in advance.
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