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A2DP on CDR-30?

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does anyone here know if the newer CDR-30 supports the A2DP (bluethooth) stereo streaming profile? neither porsche's site nor any post here seems to make mention of this...

any hints appreciated. thanks!

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Bluetooth is an option on the CDR-30. I see a lot of cars in the socal area with this option due to the California hands free law. Streaming is probably not available.
hm. thx guys.

is the BT option on the CDR-30 an external module or is it a "built-in" module within the CDR-30? the porsche website just seems to imply it's part of the cdr-30, but i guess it must not be if one of yours doesn't have it...
I don't believe that exists. I haven't seen it in any of my cdr30's menus.
here's what i found out about BT (also listed in my other post re CDR-30):

no-one at the dealer or anywhere else knows about whether A2DP (stereo streaming) is possible on a CDR-30 equipped with BT. so unless someone here on this forum has tried it we should assume "probably not", as this is a more advanced BT capability.

as for BT availability, the CDR-30 in an 09 or later car can ship out as a base version, or as a base version with CD changer support, or as a base version with bluetooth support, or of course with both. so there are at least 4 variants / part numbers for the CDR-30. all 4 can be bought new from the dealer, refurbed from the dealer, or used on ebay/craigslist/forums as there is quite a bit of replacing going on out there from folks adding PCM or 3rd party nav systems etc.

a CDR-30 with bluetooth support will only work "in a car that's equipped with BT or phone support". once installed one has to call into porsche via a dealer to get unlock codes to have the BT capability inside the CDR-30 (it's not an external module or option on top of the CDR-30) turned on.

apparently a CDR-30 with BT support doesn't cost more to buy, you pay for it upon activation.
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In orde to summarize ¿Could we understand that if we want to use BT in a Boxster equipped with the basic CDR 30 without BT option, we just need to pay for the official code and activate the device ? :thanks:
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