This Accesport allows users to tune both the Engine and Transmission control units in thier supported 987.2 Boxster/Cayman or 997.2 Carrera.

Included in this Cobb is the following:
Stage 1 91 Octane
Stage 1 93 Octane
Stage 1 100 Octane
BGB 91 Octane Baseline run #1 (better than OTS Cobb)
BGB 91 Octane Baseline run #2 (little better than BGB run #1)
BGB 91 Octane Baseline run #3 ( little better than BGB run #2)
Cobb Aggressive PDK Tune
Cobb Sport PDK Tune

other basic stuff from Cobb that is not performance-oriented!

The Cobb and PDK is $1650 plus the BGB tunes are $1000 more. No matter where you live or what kind of fuel (91, 93, 100) you use, you are covered!

Sorry if you run E85! HA HA