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Adaptive Sport Seats
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The Adaptive Sport Seats give you all of the
sporty feel of the Leather Sport Seats, all of the features of the Power Seats
plus electronic control of the bolsters.

Features include:

  • Lumbar support, bottom, side and shoulder
    bolsters are pneumatically adjustable
  • Electric adjustment of fore/aft position,
    seat height, seat bottom angle, seat back angle.
  • Memory for seat and exterior mirror
    positions (bolster and lumbar settings can not be memorized)
  • Right side park assist mirror when in
  • Seat backs are finished in a Volcano Gray
    hard shell

(click a picture for a closer look)

Benefits: These seats provide the best of both worlds,
maximum sport and maximum luxury with near infinite adjustment abilities. These are the only seats available with
adjustable bolsters, which may likely make them the choice for demanding
drivers. The ultimate adjustability and memory functions make these a
great pick for Caymans that are routinely driven by more than one person.

Drawbacks: Entering and exiting a car with sport seats takes a little
more flexibility than with standard seats.
These things are not cheap and they are considerably heavier (up to 20lbs per
seat) than the mechanical
sport seats. Purists or track junkies may not want to have the extra
weight in their car. Some members have reported that these seats seem a
bit tighter than other seats.

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FAQ Information: This FAQ was
originally written by Gator Bite but has now been updated by our FAQ Team. Last Revised:
April 2010
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