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Adding CarPlay to 981 Cayman - options

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Hi all,

I've been looking at the various options for adding Carplay to my Cayman to replace the CDR-31 base unit.
I've considered the various add-on boxes from JoyeAuto, NMAutomotive and the various similar units on Alibaba and have nearly purchased a JoyeAuto unit several times, but whilst I like the idea of preserving the OEM look, I'm also now drawn to some of the Android head units out there.

I've looked at Xtrons and checked with them, but unfortunately they don't have a unit which will fit the 981 and have no plans to make one. Same goes for Dynavin.

Have also seen other options like this pricey one from Belsee but not convinced it will fit the 981:
Belsee Carplay unit for Cayman

This one caught my eye recently as it also has physical knobs which I like, better screen and supposedly much more modern internals. Of course there's always the chance that this will turn out to be a piece of **** with zero support from the manufacturer, and set fire to my car, but at only about £180 on eBay I figured it might be worth a shot :
Erisin Carplay unit for Porsche Cayman 981

Not being a car audio expert I'm not sure what wiring adapters or other splicing work might be required to fit this unit - here's an image of the rear showing all connections - can anyone tell me how easy difficult fitting might be in terms of wiring?.

Any other options that I've missed for adding Carplay to the 981?


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Good call. I can see that "hulk" of an OEM stereo causing issues. Good to to take all precautions. I'm installing back up camera too. Yipee.
Oh, anyone with comments about Porsche logo screensaver??
Going to try this today. No documentation about what image sizes and file formats are required, so it'll be trial and error. Will probably post over on the other thread, and can cross post here.

EDIT: My best guess is the files need to be 1024x600 in BMP format

Well, put images in that format, but I can't seem to browse any images either downloaded locally to the head unit, or on an external usb from the Factory Settings -> Logo menu. I'll try contacting Erisin support (they haven't been super helpful so far).

I was able to set an image as my wallpaper from 'Settings -> Wallpaper' without any trouble at least. For wallpaper the format is more flexible (png, jpg) and it'll crop to fit if the resolution isn't perfect.

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Sharing the same post here as this can leave you stranded due to battery drain if key fob is left inserted when not driving car:
Inside dash Relay Switch Ticking Noise
I continued to investigate the relay ticking noise inside the dash that happens every 10 seconds when the key fob is inserted (not ON position) and the brake pilot lamp blinking in dash while parking brake is engaged. Ticking goes away when ignition is in ON position or when car has been started.

What I learned:
1. Erisin automatically turns ON when key fob is inserted and Erisin also triggers my aftermarket Alpine amp to ON.
2. Ticking noise goes away only when key fob is taken out.
3. The ticking does not happen when battery is fully charged (13V). I put a trickle charger last night direct to battery and I read 13.2V using my handheld voltmeter this morning. No more relay ticking noise when key fob is inserted, car started fine but the brake pilot lamp is still blinking when parking brake is engaged!
4. The relay switch is probably trying to conserve battery by switching On/Off.

I reached out to other P9 members and one reported the same experience.
It's weird.

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Speaking of the boot logo - I've discovered you can browse the root filesystem with software like Root Explorer: Root Explorer - Apps on Google Play

And you can see things like a set of logo files:
Font Parallel Gas Number Paper

However, because the head unit is not rooted, it won't allow me to add more files here. Also, there are quite a few other files in this directory, but none of them show in the factory settings menu, so I'm not certain it's the right one.

EDIT: Support just got back to me, and suggested some steps to try:
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I purchased the erisin for my 2016 porsche cayman with a cdr31 and bose. I purchased the erisin fiber optic cable, but its nowhere close to working with mine. I have a email sent to them, but they takes 3+days to respond
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