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Tough call between an S and a non-S. The S has an accident history - which despite it being minor - will be used against it anytime you go to sell it (which is unfair, but just how it is..) The S is better equipped, but also has 40,000+ more miles on it - meaning the "it's done for mileage - ie 100k" is much closer. Despite that being BS, it does cause a significant drop in value/desirability. And the S is a year older. An "S" normally goes for $5k or a bit more over a non-S model.

This search for a 2017 S - 2017 Porsche 718 Cayman S for Sale (with Photos) - CARFAX - shows one that sounds similar in miles (a bit more at 80k) and a minor damage report for $50,000. The range for 2017 S's seems to be from that price up to over what's being asked for the one you're considering, but the ones higher in price have exceptionally low mileage.

This search, 2018 non-S - 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman Base for Sale (with Photos) - CARFAX - turns up cars ranged from $45,000-62,000 - with the bulk of them priced around $55,000.

My conclusion - both cars you're looking at are overpriced. You didn't mention CPO, which would add $3,000 to the car's price. I think there is bargaining room for both of the cars. If the S power is meaningful to you, then the S might be OK if the price can be gotten down, and if an inspection by a body shop turns up clean. Prices may he higher in California - but NJ prices aren't known to be cheap (and Carfax does bring in cars from whatever distance you want).

If the extra S power doesn't mean anything to you - I think the 2018 is the better car. Service record availability and a PPI results would also change the equations a bit. Sounds like the 2017 has the service records. Nothing on the 2018 I guess?

If they still seem tied to you - I'd suggest the car-karma choice. What that means after the test drives and PPI you squat down in front of each of them, clear your mind of everything else, and see if the car tries to convince you to buy it. If it doesn't walk away. If it does - buy it. Your subconscious will be providing feedback on things you might have noticed but not remembered. When I don't do this with a car - I end up unhappy with it. If I do it - the car satisfies me and I end up keeping it for a long time.

Good luck! Let us know what you decide!
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