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It's only common courtesy to post the solution you found to a problem where you've posted a "help-me" sort of technical post.

I noticed that in the 987 forum I'd posted multiple things for users to check or try after discussing their problem at length, and months later there is no indication if I was FOS, or if I'd been of any help at all or if they ever solved the problem and what the solution was.

This has several effects on the usefulness of the forums.
1 - It discourages people from taking the time to try to help other people. Why bother when people are so dismissive of your effort to help.
2 - It means the question and thread isn't of any real use to someone having the same issue who found the thread by searching for it.

I'm tempted to put this sort of member in a probationary mode where from then on every post they make to the forum has to be approved. If they're not going to be a participating part of the community do we really want them here?

Think about that next time...

UPDATE: This thread is purposely locked - this forum isn't the right place to discuss or debate forum procedural subjects - but for those who wish to discuss it - a thread has been created in a forum where this sort of subject is welcomed. Click on: After Posting a Technical Question... READ ME to be taken to it.
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