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by: GLipscomb

Description: Get ready for Summer! Filter fits most, if not ALL Caymans.'Purchased this OEM air filter element from the Friendly Neighborhood Porsche Dealer, but never installed in my 2007 Cayman. 'Still sealed in the original box. Don't postpone replacement of this simple yet critical part! It's an easy do-it-yourself project, once you have dug down to the air box! 'Or take this OEM part with you to your favorite service center and have the Tech install it (and avoid paying top-dollar for the exact same filter)!The low, low price of $29 includes shipping to any address in North America. Try to find that same deal in the Internet!I'm moving to Germany at the end of this month, so pick this piece up NOW, even if you don't have an immediate need for it. Otherwise, Customs will probably charge me an Import Duty that's higher than the purchase price!PayPal accepted.

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