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Need some opinion from you alignment guys:

My 06 CS (low miles ~7K on original 18" PS2s) pulls right pretty bad (several non-crowned lanes over a few sec). Car has PSS9 coilovers and is lowered ~1-1.25". No tracking, just street/hwy driving.

Verified alignment numbers (at 2 shops):
Frt camber L/R (-.8 & -.7)
Frt toe L/R (.07" & .03")
Frt caster (both equal @ 7.6 deg)
Rear camber L/R (-1.9 & -2.0)
Rear toe L/R (.12 & .11)
Thrust angle (.01)

Did the following:
- tire pressure always checked (34-36 frt, 37-38 rear)
- flipped front tires to check for radial pull (no diff, always tracks right)
- didn't flip the rears yet but I doubt that'll matter

1. Wondering if difference in front toe (.07 vs .03) is a factor??
2. Just bought the car and not sure if prior owner had it corner balanced but local alignment shop did verify subframe to ground measurements all within .1". A speciality shop says corner balancing ($300) of the coilovers could show weight issue and that might be why it pulls - your thoughts??
3. Did check if any binding with front right brake pads or wheel bearing - nothing noticeable.
4. Have 5mm frt and 17mm rear wheel spacers and was going to check if cars pulls with no spacers??
5. after doing/eliminating 1-4 above, I'm considering GT3 front LCA and adjust front left caster setting to be less than front right. Been told diff caster has a big factor with car pulling - your thoughts??

Thanks for your inputs
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