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Hi all!

We have a recently received shipment of the new 13" long 402d Wheel Brush
from Zymol.
Here's the official description:

This is the last Wheel Brush you will ever buy! Machined out of solid Delrin and without a metal ferrule, this NEW Zymol Wheel Brush is designed to deep clean your prized wheels expertly. Made in USA and comes with a LIFETIME warranty.

The best descriptor I can add is that our friends across the pond in the UK would refer to this brush as a "Serious Bit of Kit"!

The extra leverage provided help make wheel cleaning a more comfortable task. And clean wheels are always a delight to behold!

Act now, and be one of the first to snag this bristled gem for your detailing collection. Just $21. with a lifetime warranty!

Zymol Necessary Detailing Extras at Store

Best regards,:cheers:

Roger the Waxmeister
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