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I know I am demanding and I complain too much but I need to make a good report on the Porsche dealer in Anchorage, especially since I placed a call to Porsche of North America when it seemed the local dealer was not recognizing my CPO warranty. :wall:

From the CC postings of those more experienced than I, I learned that PNA was there to stand behind us and back us when it seemed a dealer was not doing what the dealer should do.

While I am a little embarassed, I am glad I made the call and PNA opened up a claim.

True, the dealer had to order parts three times and they weren't well organized in communicating ["He's/They're working on it now . . . " when they didn't even have the serpentine belt as they claimed or it has been "cross-shipped" (i.e. wrong part arrived)], but they fessed up and offerred me a loaner which I did not accept.

Then, the Morrison group went beyond the call of duty and offerred to cover the parts [broken seat back clips] while damned PNA refused to cover those miserably designed and broken parts on a fully warrantied CPO car!

Certainly, that merits a thread of its own. Nonetheless, I was more impressed by the Porsche dealer in Anchorage than I am with Porsche North America. So, I think I will keep my plans for a Panamera Turbo. ;) Or, better yet, the *new* 928 in AWD Turbo! :thanks:
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