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This a quick way to save 30-40lbs of weight!

The Antigravity RS-30 is a 12lb lithium ion 1200CCA and 30ah (50ah lead acid equivalent) battery. The CCAs exceed the OEM battery and as long as you are mindful of power drains when the car isn't running this battery is an excellent choice. On the off chance you leave a dome light on for extended period this battery has "Re-start" technology. No need to have the car jump started. Just press a button on the battery and you have plenty of reserve power to start the car.

We have two mounting options for these:

============Our own Arcflash custom aluminum mount that is on introductory special for $79============

============Antigravity billet aluminum mount for $179============

We keep all of these parts on the shelf and stand behind everything we sell. If you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime! Use the forum discount "718 10%" at check out too!
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