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This years (2015) PCA Porsche Parade is being held June 21 - 27th in French Lick, Indiana. From the Website, the location seems like a very nice resort!

The stars aligned for me, as I just happen to be going to a wedding on June 20th, in the next town over from French Lick, and was planning on driving my Cayman. So I figured I would sign-up for the PCA Porsche Parade and go on a few of the driving tours and attend some events. Only staying for half the week, as I will need to be back in South Carolina for the week end.

So are any other P-9ers with 981s going ?


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I might if we get get up to Chicago to our new condo for the summer, and get settled in time to go. I'll be doing a number of Chicago Region PCA events and Parades are always great fun if you can attend.
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