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Well, I finally got around to cleaning my track wheels yesterday, so I could put them away for the winter. And, of course, they were full of the usual track debris -- melted "marbles", stones, etc.

Rather than scraping them out with my fingernails, I decided to try making a specialized scraper. I have a piece of 5/32" delrin left over from an old project, so that was what I used. And, it worked great! Just a few swipes around the inside of each rim removed all the marbles, stones and other junk quickly and efficiently.

I was wondering if any one else might be interested in one of these. Since they're made of solid delrin, they should be very durable and very easy to clean (just hose off or wash in the sink with your hands or throw in the dishwasher). And, being delrin, it won't damage the finish on your rims, like a metal scraper would. I was thinking $20 each, plus shipping (or you can pick up). Might make a good stocking-stuffer, too. :D

If you're interested, feel free to email or PM me. Thanks!
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