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2014 Boxster S, Racing Yellow
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I have a 2014 Boxster S.

On the first drive of the day, when I go down the curb at the bottom of my driveway nose-first at an offset angle, I get a pop in my steering column. It sounds like thumping the plastic in front of the steering wheel with your knuckle. It usually occurs as the left rear wheel steps down the curb with the right rear still above it. Sometimes it happens as the left front goes down with the right front up, but not as often. It happens pretty much daily. No other symptoms or noises once that first pop occurs and it won't pop again no matter how many times you go up/down that curbing.

I thought maybe it was the fuel tank insulation issue that a number of people complained about early on, but I don't think that's it. It doesn't have the same symptoms reported by them - no squeaking or rubbing sounds or any other noises while driving.

I've had this pop since I first got this car (used) in 2016. I took it in to the dealer while still under warranty, but they could not reproduce. I've had dozens of track inspections since then, and nothing suspension-wise has ever shown as an issue.

A couple posters on rennlist indicated they have the exact same issue as me. No one has ever successfully resolved it.

Anyone else have this issue?
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