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I was wondering if anyone has these catback exhausts fitted and are close to Surrey? I have listened to the clips on youtube endless times, and I am stuck between the Remus and Tubi :helpme:! I would ideally like to hear them in person, in and outside the car.

I am quite young so for me drone isn't a major issue (I have read the Tubi is slightly worse than the Remus). I don't use my car as a daily driver so want an exhaust which is on the louder/exotic side- I just don't want to spend ~£900 on the Remus only to find I want a slightly more raw/louder exhaust note in the form of the £1500 Tubi. Performance gains are apparently similar (but at this stage I don't plan to do much more to the car so it is not my main priority- although that could change very quickly, as no doubt I am sure has happened with many of you!!!!).

Any help would be greatful- even if it is from someone that has heard both exhausts in person. Thanks!
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