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I'm in the market for a new motor for the Boxster '05 (don't ask, you know). As it stands I have 4 options.

1. Get a second hand engine of unknown capabilities from eBay/[insert other website here] for about $6-7k. Usual risks
2. Send off my broken core to MB Motorsports for a rebuild and conversion to 3.4L for about $10k. 1 year warranty
3. Get a rebuilt engine to the same spec from a recommended company for about $16k. 1 year warranty
4. Get a "rebuilt" engine from Porsche for about $17.5k. 2 year, total warranty

I talked to MB Motorsports and they appear to know their stuff, and what they offer for a rebuilt engine appears comprehensive. But before I head down that path, does anyone here know of them and think they do good work?
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