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I have a 06 CS with PCM 2.1 and I want to play songs on my iPhone without spending an arm and a leg. I'm not too concerned about controling iPhone through PCM, so I think Dension doesn't make too much sense for me anyway (plus, I think the interface on PCM looks confusing)...

A while ago, I read about "io Play" in some British forum. This handy device allows bluetooth connection to iPhone, and can control the playlist via a small remote control. Check out the website here:
iO PLAY-Innovative Bluetooth Music Streaming Car Kit. iPhone hands free car kit & iPhone music integration into your vehicle

I thought this would be the ideal solution, since I can wirelessly connect my iPhone to my car's speakers. However, after I talked to my installer, he says that the "io Play" won't work with PCM, and will only work with CDR24, because PCM uses fiber optic input, and "io Play" uses ISO connector. I'm not familiar with car electronic, can you guys tell me whether this is true? Is there anyway to go around the fiber optic input?

I really want to install the "io Play", but if that really doesn't work, please recommend some alternative solution within $350 installed.

Thank you all.
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