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Curious if anyone has run the Tarett Engineering shifter riser. They make the 2.5", 4" and 7"

Shifter Riser, 4''-7'', 986/987/996/997


Shifter Riser Spacer Kit, 986, 996, 987, & 997

Impressions? I'd go out to my car to measure but it's FINALLY at a Porsche race shop getting fixed... :hilarious:

I do want the shifter raised up. 2.5" seems like a safe bet. 4" could be the money. And 7" might be over the top but this is all speculation.

Curious to hear those who have ran risers and if they like it/ what they don't like and would do different.

Car is gutted and will have no interior so not worried about appearance.

This will be used in conjunction with a Numeric shifter and the cup-car shift cables.
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