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I had the APR UCU upgrade and cat back exhaust fitted - it has exceeded my expectations!

Performance - butt dyno only.
With the APR ECU upgrade and the cat back exhaust APR claim an extra 26HP and 39ft lbs torque. I can feel all the torque gains from as low as 2500RPM! The horsepower gain is certainly noticeable, but is overshadowed by the extra torque. One of the unexpected benefits is that the engine seems to be much smoother throughout the rev range.
With only the ECU fitted, consumption was 1 to 1.5 mpg worse than stock. With the cat back exhaust fitted it is 1 to 1.5 mpg better than stock!

From inside the car it has a much deeper grumbly tone. Idling is a really deep sound. Up through 4K RPM it is louder than stock, but very sharp - no droning or resonance! Over 4K RPM it gets an edge, just a little louder than stock. At highway cruising speeds it sounds the same as stock.
From outside - it sounds deep and grown up! Very different from stock. It sounds like the sports car it is!

Very shiny, you can see the mufflers through the gaps in the rear bumper. The tail pipes have baffles in that are visible – looks pretty cool…

My installation was done my Mike Steele at Porsche of Melbourne. The ECU install takes 1 hour labor, and the catback exhaust takes 2 hours labor. Mike said fitting was easy, and he was impressed with the quality of the APR product.
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