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by: scryana

Description: Cleaning the garage and need the space.

1 pair Arctic silver fog spears. Removed 3 months after buying my car ~1200 miles.At 50 miles, I had invisibra installed on my car which included the spears so they are pristine. I'll even keep the invisibra on the spears and you can remove them yourself if you choose to. Great if you have a black car, Techart black cars have silver spears. I replace my spears with black ones.

1 pair Arctic silver vents. Removed same time as the spears. Absolutely pristine condition with zero scratches dents or nicks.I replaced my vents with black ones.

1 stock Cayman S exhaust dual tip. If you have an S, you already have this but if you have a base Cayman, here's the quickest way to get the Cayman S look. Removed also at 3months after I bought my car absolutely no scratches dents or anything. I've polished this too so its as brand new as you can get. I upgraded to circular tips.

I've also got stock pair of rear lights if you want (yes, at 3months too) (I replaced my lights to full red)

Make me an offer for these babies and have a nice day

Full size photos here!

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