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Wheel and Tire Care featuring Rich Light.

The products featured in this segment of Gloss-It Garage include one of our premium, professional grade Signature Wheel Gel, as well as our 16" Wheel Spoke Brush . These will get in to the deeper tougher grime and brake dust, without scratching or damaging your wheel. Other products include our Soft Boar Hair Brush and our Fine Detail Brush to scrub the face of the wheel and spokes.

Once rinsed we use on of our famous Plush Edgeless Microfiber Towels to dry off the spokes. Once the face of the wheel is clean we dress the tires with our Signature Tire Dressing. In the video we use a Red All Purpose Applicator but you can also use one of our Professional Tire Dressing Applicators .

All of these items can be found on our site if you Click Here

Our Signature Wheel Gel is safe on tires and is water based, so it will not leave a residue. It is also PH Neutral so you can be sure it will not stain or damage your vehicles. It is also highly concentrated so much so that one 22 oz bottle can actually create 88 ounces of Wheel Gel, depending on how dirty your tires are.

The Boar Hair Brush is a soft haired brush so you know it will not damage or scratch your rims. The long bristles get into the brakedust and agitate it to loosen it from the surface. It is safe on chrome, polished aluminum, and brushed, or even performance wheels.

The 16" Wheel Spoke Brush is pliable so you can get in to those hard to reach places and remove brake dust and dirt. The wheel spoke brush has rougher bristles but is still soft enough to prevent damaging your rims.

The Fine Detail Brush is a soft boar hair brush that is used to get into the deeper nooks and crannies. We use it to agitate brake dust in the hard to reach places or to clean lug nuts, crevices and the brakes themselves.

Our Microfiber towels have the highest amount of Microfiber weight possible at 600 Gram Weight. They are also edge-less to prevent scratching the surfaces. They can be used for all car care needs, as long as you separate the ones for your paint from interior to tire care to prevent damages.

Out Signature Tire Gloss is one of our best selling products because it leaves a wet tire look for an extended period of time. Not only does it give a great look to your tires, but it is water based, not silicone based meaning it will not cause erosion to the rubber in your tires.

Finally ourTire Dressing Applicator was designed specifically to withstand professional grade use. They have been tested in our professional detail studio in Las Vegas, Nevada and have been reused again and again. It is perfect for applying Tire Gloss or our also popular T. R. V.
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