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Assistance requested finding low cost 2.7

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I would prefer to have a Cayman 2.7 rather than my S2000 with hardtop. The best deals I've seen are $31K+ for ~ 12-17K. Not bad, and I could buy at that. If anyone spots a better deal, please inform me. Prefer non-northern car. Distance from Atlanta area isn't a problem. I'm retired, & have bought many out of town cars. Can buy quickly with cash.
Also, I would consider a lightly damaged ( NOT salvage ) car, If price correct for damage. Needs to be road legal. Not picky about options or color. Manual transmission only. I insist on dealer PPI ( at my expense ).
Private party sale much preferred ( no sales tax to me ). 3.4's considered if a great deal, probably with body damage.
Thank you in advance for any help....
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Have you checked the Classifieds here or with some of our sponsor dealers? Surely one of them can help you run a car down via their own internal nationwide search?
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