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I am working on adding a DSP and amplifiers to my 981 Boxster. I made a plate to mount where the stock ASK amplifier was, filling the cavity and mounting on the existing studs- completely reversible.

This allows the aftermarket processor and amps to be mounted on this plate; wire them together as a unit and then bolt it all in. Took me a day to get this correct. Thought the dimensions would be helpful to others doing a custom install View attachment 981 Boxster Audio Cavity Plate.pdf . A photo of the plate installed and a dimensioned PDF are enclosed. The plate extends under the carpet toward the door a couple of inches (there is more room to extend this further but it's harder to install it if you do this).

The studs are loosely toleranced, so although I can say these are close to exact dimensions in my Boxster, they will vary. I would suggest drilling oversize holes (~5/16").

If anyone is interested I am replacing all drivers with the OEM Bose units; adding the rear Bose drivers, 8-ch of class D amps, and using one of the following processors: JBL MS-8, a miniDSP C-DSP 8x12 DL or a JL audio Twk-88. Probably add CLD in the doors too. Plan is to also upgrade tweeters with some Morell units in the stock locations (by modifying vents).


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