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Are you loyal? I'm not talking about loyal to your job, your friends or your breakfast cereal. I'm talking about your car...or the manufacturer of that car. I'm asking because it's a subject we think a lot about at Polk. So much so, that on January 12, 2010, Polk will be presenting the 14th Annual Polk Automotive Loyalty Awards at the Automotive News World Congress. Winners of these awards are automotive manufacturers that have demonstrated the ability to bring customers back through positive owner experiences. That means they took action—they came back and purchased or leased another vehicle of the same model, make or manufacturer. So, have you been loyal?

I've been loyal. When my first child became of a more social age, I was thrust into a world of school, birthday parties and soccer games. This meant a life of carpooling other people’s kids and their runny noses, sticky fingers and muddy cleats. And, while hiding under a rock would have been my preferred method of dealing with this, it became very clear to me, thanks to my wife, that a minivan would be the proper solution.

And so began my ongoing relationship with the Chevrolet Venture. Other than oil changes, the first lease offered no problems in the way of maintenance. It was reliable and kept me a good distance from the invading children I was forced to transport. The second lease was an equally good relationship. So much so, that with 0% financing, I bought the third. The reliability of the Venture made me loyal. So that's my story, what's yours?

Are you loyal to a specific make or model? Are you a loyal owner? We want to hear your story.

Posted by Jeff Stone, Senior Marketing Specialist, Polk (12.11.2009)

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