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Hey guys, those familiar with AWE know that for nearly 30 years we have been a go-to resource for installations and performance services. We've reorganized our service business and renamed it AWE Installs. This refreshed approach has opened up another option for those in the Southeast PA scene. We are ready for whatever your needs are.
  • Services Offered Include:
  • Exhaust Installation
  • Engine Performance Mods
  • Drivetrain, Transmission and Clutch services
  • Suspension Upgrades and Alignment
  • Wheel and Tire mount and balance
  • Performance Software installation (call)
  • Aesthetics and Aero
  • Regular maintenance, Track day prep, etc

Give us a call to discuss your needs or book an appointment here. 215-392-0095 Located at AWE World HQ here in Horsham, PA.
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