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I figured when I bought my 2012 Cayenne that it would need a battery before too long, but I was hoping for longer than the month I got. Drove it yesterday with no problem, but today it only grunted, so I put the charger on it and after lunch it started right up. I ordered a replacement from Advance online and drove down to pick it up, leaving the Cayenne running just in case. The Youtube video is for an older Cayenne and not exactly like mine, but close enough to give me the help I needed in changing it out. It took me less than an hour which included a trip upstairs to look online again for some tips to get the one of the rear clips holding the cover on, but it was no help. I started it up and my seat/mirror/wheel settings were still saved, as well as the radio presets. I called the service rep at the dealership about having Porsche initialize it, and he said that usually wasn't necessary, just drive it a while and it "learns" everything that it might have lost. So I'm good, I hope.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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