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I finally took a well-known route and it was great.

Start climbing in San Jose, end in Livermore and then home to Peninsula:
Quimby to 130 to top of Mt. Hamilton.
Then down the back side on San Antonio Valley Rd to The Junction for a root beer, junk food, and a taste of Trump Country.
Then my favorite part: Mines Rd. to Livermore and let my Nav system wind me home until Hwy 84, and back via Niles Canyon Rd.

The ride up to the summit is pretty beautiful, but it's really tight, lots of exposure and you have to assume a bike or motorcycle will be coming down around every corner. So it's exercise, but not really swingin'.

San Antonio Rd is more open and less traveled, but Mines Rd. is really the best... lots of linked curves with good visibility down range.

About 130mi garage to garage. Big smile, tired arms. Car happy.
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