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Becker cdr replaced with PCM 1. Please HELP!!!

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I own Porsche Cayenne 2006.

I just have replaced my Becker cdr radion with used PCM 1 module from 2004 Cayenne!

A donor car was a Bose car with phone, amp and CD changer.

My car is without Bose, phone, CD changer and Bose amp.

When I have installed that pcm module I have an error notice: "System error: amplifier, CD changer, Phone not available"
I hear the sound and CD works but all menu is freezed and none of the buttons are working, only volume control and I can switch it on not off. Outdoor temperature and clock indicators are working according to my tunings.

Now I cant take out my CD because my buttons dont react.

Please tell me is it possible to reprogramm and erase this error at dealers because I think that any module can work without amp, phone and Changer (I think my non Bose amp now working, it cant find bose original amp)

What can you tell me about it please? Maybe there are ways to fix it myself with my hands?
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Wow, Latvia. :) I used to date an Estonian girl, but I digress.

Anyway, if everything is hooked up correctly, then it is a matter of whether or not the unit is coded correctly for your car. The only way to determine that is to put it onto a PIWIS machine at your dealership and have them check it out. Hopefully it is just a programming issue (not a compatibility issue) and they'll be able to fix it on their machine. Let us know how it comes out.

Please send cute Latvian (or Estonian) women my way as a "Thanks" :) :)
The Cayenne is like many modern cars that run on a computer network. Unlike modern computers the Cayenne does not simply adapt to new hardware with the correct drivers. You have ti go in and tell it what radio you have.

I did a similar swap a few years ago on an Audi S4. We put a euro nav system in a inn nave car. Worked great after the very simple programing was updated.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.
Hi Guys! Thanks for your answers!

I went to porsche dealer and they are so lazy, so stubborn and so unproffesional and told me that there is no solution for the button problem!

They told me that I need at least the same year PCM and at least from a similar car with similar extras! They told that If i know some hackers they can reprogramm the pcm module for me! (Lazy idiots)

So I have some questions for you:
1) Cole please explain everything you wrote me in more detailed way because firstly i dont even understand whether I need to reprogramm the car or PCM;
2) Give me some other solutions?
3) Maybe its worth to go to car audio workshop. Is it possible for them to do anything with the PCM module if the reason is PCM?
4) Do you know some kind of adapters?

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Dont you really have any clever answers?
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