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Before posting a technical question.. - READ THIS

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Folks - I've often said "Better questions get better answers" - and it's true. The more you describe the problem or issue you might be having - the better there is a chance that someone with helpful knowledge will reply to your message.

I just read a post - made to a long dormant thread to a post in the thread made 16 years ago that said "So where is the ECU?" (it was a thread about a 987 ECU.)

The problem even beginning to think about answering this question is - what car is being asked about? The Cayman and Boxster have different locations for the ECU as far as I know (because of the rear-hatch/folding-top differences) and I believe there are even differences between the 987.1 and 987.2. So how do we answer that question? However it's answered has a high possibility of being incorrect if the person answering it doesn't list ALL the possible locations, or they own exactly the same car (by chances since they won't know this from the question).

So - I'll repeat, but this time loudly:

Better questions get better answers!

When asking tech questions - please give us all the info we'd need to formulate or even research an answer for you. This isn't Facebook (thank Dog!) the home of drop-and-run questions and answers.

Thanks for your cooperation!
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