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Best Workshop Service Manual 2015 Boxster 981 Base

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Hi Everybody!

Happy New Year!

Quick question that I'm sure has been addressed here a thousand times but because I am terrible at finding the obvious I can't find the thread...

I'm coming up on 30K and getting ready to do all the things I need to. But I'd like a good service manual. I have a Haynes for my old Tacoma and it's never let me down but in researching for a really good manual for my 2015 B 981, I can only find PDF's, and I'm cool with that but...

Does anyone have a link to a company they prefer and think is really good? I found this one:

and one or two others even one on etsy! LOL... But none of them have reviews or anything to make me feel like this is "The One!"

They're all between $12 and $40 so they won't break the bank but I'd rather not waste my time downloading a three times translated wonky manual or worse yet a virus from some weird company. Soooo...

Your suggestions please? Also suggestions for a good floor jack my Craftsman is 15 years old and starting to drop fine for the tacoma bad for a 981 and the best jack pads/pucks and jack stands. Not doing Harbor Freight I don't want to die... LOL!

BTW... The Pilot Cup All Seasons are working great in the LA Rain. I've never had as much fun changing my oil as in this car. First thing I'm doing is air filters Engine and Cabin and Frunk intake. Brakes seem like they may be on the horizon. No squeaking or pulsing just their age. Oh and I drove it at the Porsche Experience Center here in LA on Drive Your Own Day and it was INCREDIBLE!!!! If you ever get the chance you should do it! So much fun and I learned A LOT!

Thanks Again Everyone in advance for any and all suggestions!
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