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We would like to present our newly revised Cayman 981 4-point Harness Bar for the GT4! This new design has a revised cross-bar height to lower the seatbelt mounting required by the fact that the Lightweight Sport Bucket Seats (LWBs) sit lower in the car on factory mounting than a setup would with purpose built FIA fiberglass racing shells. The new design will maintain proper driver safety for those with LWBs or those that are tall and need to be lower in the car but will require 1 additional manipulation to the factory interior. Our original 981 bar was intended ONLY for FIA seats and not the LWBs that at the time were not intended to make it to the United States. Given the amount of GT4 owners with and without LWBs we chose to revise the design because it is very important that proper shoulder harness anchoring angles be maintained. The trade-off is that in order to install this revised bar you will have to create a through-hole in the center section of interior carpet to allow the crossbar to fit. While it has always been our intention to design things that require little change to the factory interior this interior center section sells for $273.00 (plus S&H) from Porsche for those looking to be able to undo the install and replace the interior piece. As with the original 981 bar, you still need to spend 15 mins cutting two holes in the rear shock towers but the bar is designed so that if you need to replace these towers upon resale you can purchase them also from Porsche for $ 140.80 (L&R).

This new 4-point bar was revised and created with the intent to have a perfect fitment for those who would prefer to use their lower riding Lightweight Sport Bucket Seats. For those that have the taller mounted FIA style fiberglass seats we still offer our original bar that has the higher cross-bar and is better suited for drivers that need to sit higher in the cabin.

Pricing for either the GT4 or FIA Version 4-Point Harness Bar: $2,245 (plus S&H) - Incl. Powder coat of your choice. Raw Harness Bar w/ NO PAINT: $1,995.00 (plus S&H) ** ALL mounting hardware is included**

Also available now for a LIMITED TIME is our Track Safety Package! We offer 2 packages for those with LWBs and those looking to replace their 14-Way Sport Seats with FIA seats. In this package the following is included for both driver and passenger:


- LWB GT4 Harness Bar w/ Paint (1)
- Scroth 6-Point GT3 Hans Harness (2)
- Cantrell Motorsports Sub Strap Mount (2)

LWB GT4 Track Safety Package - $3,999.00 (Incl. Domestic Shipping & Handling)

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- 981 FIA Harness Bar w/ Paint (1)
- Sparco Pro ADV Seat (2)
- Brey Krause Adj. Side Mounts (2)
- Brey Krause Sub Strap Mount (2)
- PCNA GT3 Sliders (2)
- Scroth 6-Point GT3 Hans Harness (2)

981 FIA Seat Track Safety Package - $6,999.00 (Incl. Domestic Shipping & Handling)

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