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Well, decided to make this a suspension weekend. I got sick of seeing the 4x4 ride height and barge-like floating suspension of my wife's CLK. Pulled her suspension off and replaced the springs with H&R's. The CLK suspension is really simple, and the job was pretty easy. The H&R's give the CLK a 1.5" drop and now it finally looks like a sportscar. The ride is much tighter, but still nowhere near auto-X capable.

Next, it was time to tackle the nice goodies Mike from AWE sent me from Bilstein

Really a nice looking set of hardware. First I measured the old ride height of my car with the Techart springs, and also marked the strut hat nuts locations in the front to give me an idea where I would want to set the car.

Next, pulled off the fronts

Reassembled the hats to the new Bilsteins.

Notice how primitive the stock suspension looks compared to the PSS10 unit.

Back installed and tightened up.

Moved on to the rear, which is a simpler job. Removing the rear strut:

Unbolting the rear hats from the inside

Comparing new Bilstein vs stock

New rear Bilstein installed

Impressions: went for a 5 minute drive, and have to say it is a very nice and compliant ride. No error lights, no harshness or chop, no noises whatsoever. The regular PASM mode feels tighter than before, but smoother at the same time. Sport mode is even better - tighter but without any harshness. If the Techart springs were an 8/10, these are a 9.5/10. I cannot wait to get the car aligned and on the track in 3 weeks!
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