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Yesterday was my birthday and my wife took my son to the dealership where they picked out a new car for me! a new Turbo!!!...I told her a few weeks ago how someday I would love to own both my cayman and the turbo...and we watched some of the videos available here at caymanclub about it. They had one at the dealership that hadnt been sold yet so she whipped out her wallet and paid...CASH for it. The dealership even let my 6yo bring it home! My son was so excited that my wife had to send him over to the neighbors house for the day so he wouldnt blab the surprise to me.

While she was there she also signed me up for a PCA membership (which I have just been putting off...not sure why), and a driver education package with the local Porsche club at a nearby track.

I even got a new hat!

check it out!......

keep going....

here it comes!


probably didnt get to many of you with that one huh?...well, the scaled down version will have to do for will make a nice little decoration in my office.It is a beautiful car andi am hoping to get a chance to test drive one at some point. I still love my cayman though...ohh so much. Soon I will have my birthday gift to myself...a new SS and foglight inserts...
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