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So, I was cruising down Rt. 1 in Rehoboth Beach, DE this morning, en route to get some cards made up (because I am tired of writing the name of my blog on napkins for the ladies-one night of that foolishness was enough), when I noticed a black Audi R8 coming up behind me. The last comparison I read of a Cayman S v. the Audi R8 had the Cayman S beating the R8 in every department from handling to 0-60 to braking, but I think that was at the end of '08 or beginning of '09. At any rate, after following me through traffic for a while, this guy finally found a spot next to me and tried to take me on out of the light. Now, I was feeling good about my chances remembering this article I read and I did hold him off for a while, but then when I hit 75 in a 45 I backed off and let him shoot past me because I didn't want to kill anyone, then he backed off and I just hung right behind him waiting for a window of opportunity. That's when I saw the V10 and thought, oh, okay, forget it . . . See, the old R8 V8s only did 0-60 in 4.74, whereas my Cayman S does it in 4.5 (not that Porsche will admit that because they still want you to pay at least $20k more for a 911 that is not remotely as much fun to drive because it's so tail-heavy, and while many people will argue this point, I find that the ones that do so have never actually driven a '09 Cayman S and have absolutely no idea what they are missing). The revamped R8 engine options consist of a V8 that does 0-60 in 4.4 seconds, which would have made for a very close race, but the V10 supposedly does 0-60 in 3.9, so technically this guy should have easily crushed me instead of just catching me at 75 when I backed off.

But alas, he was clearly not a talented driver and when we hit the next cluster of traffic, I easily sliced through traffic with him trying to keep up with my maneuvers and falling farther and farther behind until I was a good 15-20 cars ahead of him at which point, I turned off Rt 1 to end our little real time comparison test because I had errands to do. I noticed his license plate was Qtrax and I'm thinking he is probably a founder or top executive at the company given the sticker price of that car. Funny about him being such a lame driver though, makes me think of all the partners at my old firm who have incredibly expensive sports cars, but drive them like scared little girls. I personally try to make my driving performance worthy of the car I am driving every time I get in it. If you can't handle a real car, don't buy one. On a related note, if you have a vanity plate, you are by definition pretty lame. In summary, Mr. Qtrax has two counts of lame against him, but gets half a win for having the faster car and I get the other half of that win for being the better driver and crossing the finish line first. Yes, indeed, half a win and counting . . . stay tuned.

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