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Hi all!

Time to let you know about a limited time deal on Black Wow Pro.

Black Wow Pro 16oz. & FREE 6 oz. Pre Wow ($15.95 Value)

Orange Product Liquid Material property Writing instrument accessory

Violet Product Purple Material property Liquid

Our Price: $69.95

BlackWow Pro takes the best properties of BlackWow Classic and makes it perform even better to satisfy the needs and demands of the professional detailer. BlackWow Pro works on both interior and exterior surfaces whether painted, vinyl coated, rubber, or plastic. Packaged in a 16 fl oz bottle with a twist cap, dispensing is easy and fast on a variety of applicators. BlackWow Pro can be applied to any colored material in seconds and lasts 6+ months.

Pre Wow is EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, yet Safe for paint and skin, pleasant smell, and easily wipes off. Any treatment like Black Wow works best when applied onto a clean surface. Old wax and polish residue will NEVER be a problem again. Pre Wow comes in a new larger 6 oz. bottle. RECOMMENDED USAGE: Any matte painted or textured plastic surfaces, smooth plastic or rubber. Easily removes paint and shoe scuff transfers.

This special bonus deal expires September 4, 2017. You are advised to visit quickly!

All The Best,

Roger Chartier
Sales Manager
877 583 6443


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