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Hi all,

First time poster - I've had my '06 Cayman for about a year now. Love the driving experience.

I wanted to post a recommendation for in car audio after feeling surprised at the cost of installing wired FM, Dension and other alternatives.

As I'm an audio nut I wanted something for good quality, but was sceptical of the cheaper offerings. However, thought I'd give it a try.


Geartist GB01. £30 from Amazon.

It broadcasts a clear, stereo signal, pairs and controls your phone remotely (limited to forward/backward playlist, volume, siri etc.).

Doesn't need any re-pairing upon powering up again, and is a fuss free install. Looks good on the dash, thin cable that can be routed easily.

I thought I'd recommend it as it's potentially saved me £500 for a new Dension.


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